How I found out that my wife likes to play

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
How I found out that my wife likes to play

First a little history . I am a older man few years older than my wife of 30 lets call her Joan . We have been married for a little over two years and her sex drive has always been over the top . Enough about that I kinda always knew she played around on me but was never sure . So when we moved to our new house I installed a hidden video cam in our bed room .

After the first few weeks their was nothing I started thinking to myself I was wrong. Then a few weeks when by and I had to work latte which I tell her a few days in advance so . I work latte that night and when I came home she was already in bead sleeping not out of the ordinary seeing how it was around midnight . So I decided to see if she had any visitors. To my /surprise/">surprise she did not have one but she had two . One was a long time friend lets call him David and a friend of his lets call his Frank . Around supper time the camera started I will try to tell the way it went down the best as I can oh by the way I all so have audio . As the walked in the room they where all ready naked my wife is about 54" tall long black hair small but nice breasts a 28" waist and a great ass . The two guys where following her because she had a dick in each hand ( they where pretty big because their was about 3 to 4 inches showing even with her hans wrap around them ) so she climd on the bed and invited them to do the same . They quick to respond and did the same . She start to suck Daves cock first as his friend when to work eating her pussy .

Dave told her " come on suck my cock you /dirty/dirty-slut/">dirty slut you know how I like it " as he began to moan with pleasure . She was taking his cock all the way down her lips touching his balls . Frank was eating her pussy franticly and had a finger in her ass. She never lets me touch her ass.

Dave start to grab her hair and pull her face harder and harder into him self saying " common you dirty slut you know to do better than that or I will let your husband know how much of a slut you really are and show him the pictures you send me . " then she start to work more frantic on his cock as frank now work 3 fingers in her ass. She could hardly breath but yet she let out a moan in pleasure .

now porn videos download it was Franks turn to have his dick sucked they traded places .

Frank grab Joan and just spun her around like a rage dole I could see her face was all wet from her sucking Dave cock but Frank just shoved his still hard cock deep in her mouth as Dave came up behind her and drove his cock deep in her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy and began
to fuck her hard .

Dave told her " come on suck that cock good /bitch/">bitch you are going to get Dp again tonight just like you we did before in the condo you remember "
She just moaned loud and shook her head as to yes
What I tough to my self she doesnt even like me touching her ass and here she is wanting to get Dp wow she really is a slut I tough as I was starting to get aroused
Frank was now getting into the action of talking to her like he knew what was going on he said " yah you slut but this time its not going to be a little dick like last time with whats his name but my 9" of dick or maybe it will Daves 10" over their as he laugh and its going in balls deep " she just replied by moaning loudly and sucked harder on Franks cock

Then Frank pull out is cock and so did Dave . Dave laid down on the bed and she mounted him and slide his 10 into her pussy like it was nothing but did moan in delight
and start to kiss him as he ram his cock in and out of her
Frank toke a small amount of lubricant and fingered it into her ass I tough to myself this is really going to happen

Just then Frank slid up to her ass and slid his dick in to her a little slower but still in one motion he was balls deep in her ass. What was I seeing this is my wife well /slut/slut-wife/my-slut-wife/">my slut wife
now taking two cock in her holes

As Frank slide inside her she let out a scream Dave told her to shut up or he would be next. They both start to pound my /slut/slut-wife/">slut wife and she started to cum . She was saying " fuck dont stop come on /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder I am sooooo coming oh fuck fuck come on deeper harder you know how I like Dave come on give me that great cock of yours let me come again oh fuck her I go oh fffffffuck yes that it "

she came so hard that cum was leaking down her pussy and onto him at that time her pussy must have tighten enough to get Dave to start his way to an orgasm
He just tighten up and said here my load you dirty slut I know how you like it in your dirty hole and start to unload I could not believe it he was filling my wife with his cum
then it was Franks turn but he had a little more time before he cam so he start to /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-her-ass/">fuck her ass hard all the way out then slam it back in I couldnt believe my eyes she would push back as to want it deeper in her ass . Then she said " oh fuck dont stop Im coming fuck yes harder xxx come on Frank teach this slut wife a lesson /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass come on oh yessssss fuck " just then as she was coming so did Frank and filled her ass with his cum .

All three of them laid their for a while then my slut wife got up and started to lick and suck their cocks they both laugh a little and said a you sure we have time for round two
she just moaned as to say yes
I could not believe what I was seeing here she doesnt even like me touching her ass
and now she wants a second go around . She was on all fours and cum was leaking
out of her pussy and her ass was red and puckered

As she look at both of them only this time I want Dave in my ass
As she said that I came my self I didnt know what to do . Should I wake her or should I wait till morning

Well its been 6 months since I captured their first encounter and I now I have maybe a dozen or more of them on cd still not sure what to do about it . But now when we have sex I dont hold back on calling her slut or bitch it seems to have maid sex better for me
Oh by the way she has had about 8 different men along with Dave over this time so I really believe that she has never been faith full to me even before our marriage began now that I think back on it . She most likely fuck Dave the night before our wedding

Cheers for now will keep you posted!