The academy part two

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The academy part two
PROLOGUE FROM PART ONE Kenny Thomas is an eighteen year old senior who has spent the first three years of his high school career being kidded and ridiculed about his enormous penis!!! His mother has found a special school that specializes in helping young men cope with this affliction, and today is full hd xvideo download the first day of classes at BP Academy!!! Miss Diane Dawson is the director of the academy, and she has just spent over and hour interviewing both Mrs. Thomas and Kenny!!! At the end of the interview, Kenny is introduced to his own personal assistant, a beautiful /brunette/">brunette named Carol Anders, who is instructed to take Kenny's virginity right then and there in front of both his mother and Miss Dawson!!! Our story picks up as Carol is leading Kenny by his huge pecker to their dormitory room................

"How do you like BP so far, Kenny," Carol asked while they wound through the maze of hallways to their room!?!" "Uh, just fine, ma'am," Kenny replied, "it's really big isn't it!?!" "Yes it is," Carol said with a laugh, "but please, call me Carol, I'm your age, remember!?!" "Uh, sure, Carol," he replied softly, "anything you say!?!" At that response, she stopped in her tracks and said, "Now listen to me, I'm your assistant not the other way around, so if you want me to do something for me, just ask!!!" "Well, there is one thing you could do for me," he said softly!!! "Yes," she asked, "what is it, just tell me what you want!?!" "I-if you would," he mumbled, "could you please suck me off!?!" After giving him a nice long kiss on the mouth, Carol broke away and whispered, "I thought you'd never ask," as she slipped to the floor and gently took him into her mouth!!!" "Oh god," he gasped while leaning back against the wall and holding on for dear life, "that's incredible, ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyy, you do that so fucking well!!!" She let him slip from her mouth and slowly jerked his massive /erection/">erection and whispered, "You love getting sucked don't you, Ken!?!" "Oh yes, yes I do," he moaned while she jerked him harder and more intensely, "p-please, put it back in your mouth!!!" "You mean like this," as she just barely skimmed the head of his pecker with her tongue!?!" "No," he replied firmly while grabbing the back of her head and pushing his dick into her mouth, "more like this!!!" The low groan that gurgled up from her throat, coupled with the her swirling tongue was more that the young man could take, and even though another young man and his assistant were walking by, Kenny didn't even notice as he filled Carol's mouth with a hot load of cum!!!

"This is it," Carol said while unlocking the door to their room, "how do you like it, Kenny!?!" Kenny followed Carol inside, and the first thing out of his mouth was, "Why are there two double beds!?!" "We share this room with another couple," she replied easily, "I haven't met him yet, but the personal assistant is /friend/good-friend/">good friend of mine, her name is Mindy!!!" "Oh," Kenny replied a little nervously, "I guess I just hadn't though about sharing a room, but now that I think about it, it makes sense to double up on the rooms, it saves a lot of space!!!" Carol was about to respond when the door swung back open and Mindy came bouncing into the room leading a boy by his big long pecker!!! "Hi, babe," Mindy said to Carol, "and who is this handsome young man," while smiling at Kenny!?! "This is Kenny," Carol replied quickly, "and who's attached to that /cock/big-cock/">big cock you've got in your hand, Mins!?!" "This is Nicky," Mindy replied, "and let me tell you, he really knows how to use that /dick/big-dick/">big dick!!!" Nicky turned a bright shade of red while Mindy extolled his virtues as a lover, but then it became Kenny's turn to be embarrassed when Carol replied, "Well, Kenny's one of /best/best-fucking/the-best-fuck/">the best fuck-sucks I've ever had, it will be interesting to see them in action together, huh!?!" "You got that right," Mindy shot back, "now, everyone be quiet, I think Nicky needs another sucking!!!"

It didn't take long for Mindy to bring Nicky to a hard leg shaking orgasm, and as soon as she was finished, she hopped to her feet and exclaimed, "Hey everyone, I've got and idea, let's have the boys stand naked in front of us and Carol and I will lay back and just masturbate while looking at your /big/big-dicks/">big dicks!!!" "That's a great idea," Carol replied excitedly, "whataya say guys, are ya gonna show us what ya got!?!" Nicky and Kenny looked at each other, and with a shrug oh his shoulders Kenny replied, "Sure, why not, let's do it!!!" In less than a minute everyone was naked, and for the /first-time/">first time in each of their young lives, both Nicky and Kenny were meeting someone with a dick about the same size as his own!!!" "Wow," Carol said in a husky voice, "these two guys are fucking /hung/">hung, and I mean hung!!!" Mindy moved over directly in front of the two young studs and grabbed each of their dicks in her hands and whispered, "My god, Carol, this year is gonna be like bein' in heaven, just look at the size of these dicks, they both must be over ten inches long!!!" "Okay now," Carol said while flopping back down on the bed with her legs spread wide apart, "get over her and spread'em, it's not fair for you to be playing with the merchandise!!!" "Ohhhhhhhm, allright," Mindy said in a disappointed voice, "but sometime today I wanna get fucked by both of them, understand!?!"

Both girls settled back on the bed with their legs spread wide apart and fingers buried in their cunts while they stared greedily at the two monster peckers handing semi hard in front of them!!! "God, they look fucking good, don't they," Mindy sighed while her middle literally flew over her puffy little clit, I just love big peckers, they were just fucking made for me!?!" "Mmmmm, me too," Carol replied huskily, "when I fucked Kenny in Miss Dawson's office I must have cum in buckets he was so fucking huge!!!" The two boys stood quietly while their personal assistants masturbated furiously before them, until Nicky said softly, "Whataya say we give'em a little show!?!" "Like what," Kenny asked curiously!?! "How about we face each other and let our dick heads press together, that oughta get a rise out of them," Nicky replied with a chuckle!?! "Well," Kenny replied slowly not sure he wanted his dick up against another one, "I guess so, why not!?!" "Hey, girls," Nicky asked, "how do you like this," while the two boys turned and let their huge heads bump softly together!?!" "Oh, god," Mindy moaned, "l-look at what they're doing, I can't stand it, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck this feels good!!!" "Carol was almost too stunned to even speak, but she managed to moaned quietly, "Look at us boys, we're showing you pink, our pussies are so fucking hot for your /hard/hard-cock/big-hard-cocks/">big hard cocks!!!"

Both Nicky and Kenny were by now fully erect, and they had long since stopped worrying about any homosexual innuendo that might have been inferred by their actions, but instead, they were vigorously pressing and rubbing the sensitive underside of their cock heads together, which naturally was driving them both to the brink of orgasm!!! "Which one do you think is bigger," Mindy panted!?! Carol's eyes had grown glassy as the tension in her pussy slowly built, but she groaned loudly and stammered, "I-I think Nicky might be a little longer but Kenny's definitely thicker!!!" "That's what I think, too," Mindy said while furiously frigging her /hard/hard-clit/">hard clit, "do you think they're gonna shoot it for us!?!" "Oh, fuck I hope so," Carol moaned, "just look at those two huge peckers, and they're ours for the rest of the school year, ohhhhhhhhhhh, I don't fucking believe how lucky we got!!!" The only free porn movies download sounds heard throughout the room, were the echoes of the sighs and moans of four eighteen year olds as they all got aboard the /climax/">climax express!!! The boys were now overtly rubbing their heads together, while the girl's fingers were flying in and out of their wide open pussies, and it wasn't long before Kenny moaned loudly and declared, "In about a minute I'm gonng shoot my load all over Nicky's big cock, ohhhhhhhhh fuck he has such a /cock/nice-cock/nice-big-cock/">nice big cock, don't you girls think his cock is beautiful!?!" "Jesus fucking christ," Mindy groaned, "Kenny's gonna shoot it all over Nicky, I don't believe it, these guys are so fuckin' hot, I can't stand it, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, I'm cumming so hard!!!" Mindy was the first, but certainly not the last as Kenny's big pecker spasmed hard and erupted in shower of semen all over Nicky's cock, balls, and belly, which was soon followed by Carol and Nicky whose genitals both convulsed in unison while electric orgasms rocket through there quaking sex organs!!!

Both girls were totally shot, but when Nicky called them over to lick the cum off of his cock, both of them scrambled over and carefully cleaned every single drop of the savory nectar!!! Nicky reached out his hand to Kenny, who took it with a big smile and said, "Nice meeting you Nicky, this is gonna be one great year!!!" To which Nicky replied, "Same to you Kenny, and you've got that right!!!