Happy to see you pt1

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Happy to see you pt1

I knock on your door and come inside your room. I see you sitting at your computer,
I say "Hi"
youve turned to look at me with shining eyes, giving me a quick look over smirking a little; pleased with what you see, you noticed the tightness of my shirt and just how the length skirt is showing off my legs.
You say "Hi"

we both smile at each other glad to see one another and you turn back to the computer, I go in and sit on your bed just watching you work. I love how concentrated you are when your working on your projects.
I notice how serious you look and ask "What you working on?" and like always you tell me; even though you know I really dont understand how it works. but xxx sex video download free com your glad to share with me.
I come up behind you so that you can show me better, I wrap my arms around your shoulders and give you a quick peck as you tell me about it.
You say "I like it when you do that"
Me: "Whys that?"
you: "I dont know... cause it makes me realize your actually there"
Me: "Good cant let you forget about me already, when I just got here" followed by a small giggle

You lean your head into mine and ask "Can I have another" pointing to your cheek.
I give you a smile and lightly press my lips against your cheek. instead of pulling away i move up towards the corner of your eye giving you slight kiss there, then i move down towards your chin leaving the feel of my kiss along the way to your lips, at first I just brush my lips over the top of them, then I run my tongue over your lips and liking the taste. I give you nice /kissing/hard-kiss/">hard kiss taking the pressure of our mouths together, noticing how they fit almost perfectly. As I move away I give a slight bite on your bottom lip.

Me: "is that better?"
You: still with your eyes closed you smile "yeah much better"
Both us knowing you still have work to do.
You: "You know Ive got to finish this, you can go if you want to"
Me: "Nah Ill just watch, besides your to /cute/">cute to just leave behind" and sit back on the bed.

I dont know when but at some point I fell asleep, I woke to see you sitting on the bed looking at me with passionate eyes and I just stare.
You notice a piece of hair thats covering one of my eyes, using your fingers you push it to the side running a tender touch of your fingers down my cheek to my chin lifting my face up a bit, you give me a kiss.
"MMM" is the slow noise that comes from me and i smile.

You: "I thought you said I was too cute to leave behind.?" almost whispering
Me: "You are..! You where with me the whole time"
"How long was I out?"
You: "couple hours at least"
Me: "Did you just finish?"
You: "Pretty much"
Me: "Want me to move?"
You: "No" as you lean over me resting you elbows on the pillow on each side of my head.

For a moment were looking into each other, eyes locking that moment of breathlessness inside.
Breaking the lock between our eyes, you give me a light kiss on my forehead, then my nose on to my mouth.
I can feel the need and longing.. I open my mouth slightly our tongues now able discover each other, our mouths wrapping around each other melting into /sweet/">sweet seduction.
When we stop kissing our breathing is jagged and unsteady.

Me: with a shaky breath I manage to speak "your handsome you know that" looking deep into your brown eyes.
You laugh and run your hand through my hair, "And your beautiful" looking back into my green eyes.

Giving me another kiss, the hunger inside such strong kisses makes me pull you closer to me, I can feel the weight of your body as we kiss, I run my hands up and down your back grabbing your sexxxx video ful hd shirt as I go making it bunch at the top leaving just the feel of your skin under my fingers, with such passionate kisses i cant help but run my nails up your back making you arch as i do.

Taking your lips from mine, I take off your shirt and you start kissing my neck, your hands now moving over my chest to my stomach to find the seam of my shirt and sliding your hands underneath bringing them back up my ribs on to my breasts giving a light squeeze before you continue to bring my shirt up over my head then gliding your hands down my back unfastening my bra, giving me a chill sending goosebumps to run over my skin.
I pull you to my side making you be the one laying down and your smooth skin beneath me. I lean down enough so my breasts are just touching your chest and i slide my tongue along your ear to kiss your neck, down kissing past your collarbone reaching your chest, I run my tongue over your nipple making it harden as i move away.

My hand is maneuvering around your hips down to your thigh, brushing along the bulge now in your pants. I undo the button and pull them down.
Me: "I see somethings happy to see me" enclosing my hand around the bulge in your boxers. Moving my hand slowly around it feeling the whole length of you.
I use my teeth and grab the top of your boxers and bring them down. Your /erection/">erection standing up, I kiss the tip and lick my lips tasting the sweetness from the pre-cum.
"I like that" I say bringing my warm mouth around you getting you all wet. Taking you all the way in ignoring the gag reflux then slide you back out of me.

"Do you like when I take you that deep? when Im just so tight around you" taking you back in my mouth this time I run my teeth along your length making it jump when I get to the end. I run my tongue down your member to your balls, stroking your dick in my hand, I give them a light suck.

I hear you groan. "mmm that makes me hot" I say.. still moving my hand up and down your shaft, I give you a couple more light sucks before returning to you.
"God your cock is so hard" putting my mouth back over it.
"Do you like my /wet/hot-wet/">hot wet mouth sucking on you" Now pulsing hard I feel the muscles tightening as I move my head up, down and around your cock. I take it out and spit on it making it even slipperier, I rub it between my chest enclosing you around my voluptuous breasts, moving my body up and down the length.
your head falls back from the shear sensation of it.
"yeah you like to fuck my chest" giving you a hard suck before I move a little faster

I feel your body start to tighten, I take you deep in to my mouth sucking hard, working my tongue around you, I look up at you with your hard full dick in my mouth and watch you as I work ..
"You want to cum hun..mmm /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth" i say as Im taking you in and out of my mouth.. I feel you reach for me and start to move my head faster pushing me to adsorb you up. I gag but I keep consuming you up..

I start to moan now just from the satisfaction of pleasing you.. when I moan you can feel the vibrations from my throat making you to cum.. Hott Juicy liquid shooting from your dick on my face and in my mouth, moving your cum around my lips and tongue smiling I swallow it down.

You sit up and give me a kiss accepting your own taste.
You: "_______________"
Me: " Glad I could make you happy" smiling
you:"Next time its you"

With that we just lay down together till I have to go. We say our Good-Nights and part with a kiss.